Dr. Lew Sterrett Coming to Conway

Glenhaven Youth Ranch is hosting the nationally known horse whisperer, Dr. Lew Sterrett to Conway.

The purpose of Glenhaven is to provide a loving home, a lasting hope, and a liberating future for troubled youth. Our vision is to impact the lives of children and their families, breaking the cycles of abuse and neglect in such a way that attracts others to this cause for exponential results.

Sermon On The Mount is the ministry arm of Dr. Lew Sterrett’s Human / Equine relationship training. The culmination of years of education, experience and training; S.O.T.M seeks to teach about issues related to human relationships, character development and all of the things in between.

WHO:Dr. Lew Sterrett, horse whisperer

WHAT:Sermon on the Mount event

WHERE: Conway, AR at the Back Achers (pronounced acres) Ranch off Hogan and College

WHEN: Friday March 28   @   3pm Leadership Session for anyone in or interested in leading.(Sunday school teachers,                                                      pastors,corporation managers, leaders in the community, etc)

            Friday, March 28  @   7pm General session for the WHOLE FAMILY

            Saturday, Mar. 29 @   8am Men’s breakfast, “Stud talk”

            Saturday, Mar. 29 @   7pm General session for the WHOLE FAMILY

            Sunday, March 30 @  9am Cowboy church for the WHOLE FAMILY

            Sunday, March 30 @  4:30pm General session for the WHOLE FAMILY