Drought Relief Program Announced in Cleburne and Stone Counties


The Cleburne and Stone County Farm Service Agencies have been authorized to implement the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) due to drought.  Signup begins August 1 and will end on August 30, 2012.

ECP provides cost share assistance to agricultural producers who suffered severe damage to farmland as a result of a natural disaster. The damage must be of such magnitude that it would be too costly for a producer to rehabilitate it without federal assistance. ECP is not an entitlement program and it is not intended to provide payment to everyone with a loss. Except for limited resource producers, applicants must have suffered more than $1,000.00 of damage.

The practices eligible for cost sharing under this ECP drought signup include: installing pipelines or other facilities for livestock water or existing irrigation systems for orchards and vineyards; constructing and deepening wells for livestock water; developing springs or seeps for livestock water; and no-tilling annuals to provide interim forage stocks for livestock. Eligible practices will be cost-shared at 50% of the actual cost not to exceed an amount set by the Cleburne/Stone County FSA Committees except for limited resource producers who will receive 75% cost-sharing. All approvals will be subject to funds availability. Producers are cautioned that Cleburne /Stone Counties have not yet received an allocation so there is no guarantee of when or if approved practices will be funded.

Interested Cleburne County producers can apply at the Cleburne County FSA Office located at 110A Tulaka Boulevard, Heber Springs or may phone 501-362-2628 EXT. 2 for program details.

Interested Stone County producers can apply at the Stone County FSA office located at 207 Martin Street, Mountain View or may phone 870-269-3726 EXT. 2 for program details.