Empowering Self Discovery Novel Inspired by Real Life Experiences by Arkansas Author

“Every Scar Tells a Story” by Victoria K. Mavis and Angelo R. Senese is a fictionalized account of Mavis’ life experiences as a person who chose victory over victimhood. The novel follows main character, Liz Harris, a smart and talented woman who is struggling financially. Alongside her life coach, Rhonda Jackson, Liz begins her healing journey to resolve inner conflicts that include feelings of rejection, self-doubt and inadequacy stemming from a childhood accident that left her reliant on a metal crutch.

Throughout the book, readers will discover the challenges Liz faced after her tragic accident and identifies events that strained the relationship with her adopted parents, doomed her marriage and stalled her career. Liz’s accident resulted in brain trauma and left her partially paralyzed, requiring her to relearn speech and motor functions. Growing up, Liz endured horrific bullying at school because of her challenges. After halting her life coach work with Rhonda, Liz sets out on a sixteen-hundred-mile trip with her walking crutch, determined to lay to rest the horror of her childhood trauma. “Every Scar Tells a Story” shares insights on how to overcome daily adversities that inadvertently or unconsciously place roadblocks for success through Liz’s story. In the end, she triumphs over her childhood trauma and unleashes her true potential.

“It is my hope to encourage readers to choose to be a victor over life’s challenges, rather than victims– fostering a sense of empowerment within,” said Mavis. “I believe that healing the past is always a journey for one and that the individual is responsible for making choices that will lead to their eventual inner peace.”

This compelling novel will inspire readers from all backgrounds to conquer whatever is in front of them and achieve the life they dream of. “Every Scar Tells a Story” is a powerfully relatable book for those with disabilities and any reader can resonate with having something to overcome and the capability of not letting it define them. This book also homes in on the importance of taking care of one’s health and wellness in order to promote a holistically healthy lifestyle.

“Every Scar Tells a Story”
By Victoria K. Mavis and Angelo R. Senese
ISBN: 9781480893948 (softcover); 9781480893955 (hardcover); 9781480893962 (electronic)
Available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Archway Publishing

About the author
Victoria K. Mavis is a speaker, author, and human resource expert. She experienced an accident at age four that left her partially paralyzed, leaving her with a lifelong walking disability. Mavis has owned her own business and been employed by private industry, which included time with privately held companies and large international manufacturing corporations. She holds an MBA, is lifetime certified as a senior professional in human resources by the Society of Human Resource Management, and is certified as a behavioral specialist. Currently, Mavis resides in Arkansas and is developing programs for disability agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare providers to help individuals with disabilities gain an independent lifestyle through art. To learn more, please visit http://www.victoriamavis.com.

Angelo R. Senese Ed.D. has 45 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and school administrator in rural and suburban settings. During this time, he worked with students of differing abilities. He earned his doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in education leadership and served as an assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent, and was superintendent of the Northampton Area School District. Currently, Senese resides in Pennsylvania and consults for public and private schools in strategic planning, service provider analysis, curriculum design, leadership, and professional development. He is a published writer on alternative education programs and continues to be an advocate for all students.