Fairfield Bay EMS Ambulance Service Temporarily Unavailable

Press Statement
City of Fairfield Bay
May 5, 2021

In light of some new developments, the City is required to take some temporary administrative steps involving the Fairfield Bay EMS Ambulance. These steps are required by Human Resources protocols for the State of Arkansas. While our inquiry into these matters is being conducted, the Fairfield Bay EMS ambulance service is temporarily unavailable; however, we are exploring avenues to resume service as soon as possible.

NO one has been suspended. NO one has been fired. Medic One has agreed to provide ambulance service for the City of Fairfield Bay until we are able to resume our regular EMS ambulance service. With goodwill and the efforts of dedicated City employees, volunteers, and contract personnel, we hope that this will be a short and temporary stand-down. This will give us an opportunity to make the evaluations required by our human resources protocols. While we take these necessary and important administrative steps, the Mayor and the City Council extend their appreciation to all EMS volunteers and staff. Together, we can do many good things for our City.