Fairfield Bay Partners with Survivor Outreach Center to Give Veterans’ Families a Day to Remember

Over the past two decades, thousands of US soldiers have been lost, leaving behind family members who grieve, and children too young to have memories to keep. We all mourn the loss, but none quite like the families. The Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) works to provide these families valuable resources, including benefit information, grief counseling, financial planning, education scholarships, as well as many other countless programs. One of the most valued services offered by SOS are opportunities for families to have fun recreational activities. On August 31, 2019, Fairfield Bay is partnering with SOS to bring a group of families for a day of fun, recreation and memory-making – all while enjoying the many activities we have in Fairfield Bay.

“Fairfield Bay is so honored to be a part of this,” says John Calaway, Fairfield Bay A &P Commissioner. ‘Our Veterans give so much, we feel it’s our turn to give back to them, and tell them we appreciate not only their service, but we appreciate the sacrifice the families make as well.”

Upon arrival at Fairfield Bay, guests will be welcomed with breakfast, and a full day of
planned activities, including a tour of the new hotel, Cobblestone Inn and Suites, a field
trip to the Indian Rock Cave and Log Cabin Museum, and lunch at the popular Cool Pool
Café (where smiles are so bright you need shades!). After lunch, the day trip takes to
Greers Ferry Lake at the Fairfield Bay Marina, where families are able to take in plenty
of lake activities. And if simply relaxing in the sunshine is just what’s needed, then they
can pull up a chair and enjoy the views of Greers Ferry Lake and Sugar Loaf mountain.
Fairfield Bay is proud to be given the opportunity to partner with SOS honor these
families of our fallen soldiers. Without their commitment, we wouldn’t have the freedoms
we enjoy today. We also appreciate those who helped to make this day especially memorable – Cowboy Dodge for providing the bus, the Fairfield Bay Community Club, Fairfield Bay Conference Center, City of Fairfield Bay and Ozark Health Medical Center.
We thank you!

Need More Information?
For more information about the days’ events, contact Andrea Fisher, Support Coordinator,
Survivor Outreach Services at (501)212-4122. Never Forgotten, Never Alone!