Representative Rick Crawford Announces FARM Corps Initiative Pairing Arkansas Ag-Producers and Unemployed Guard, Reservists

Today, Representative Rick Crawford launched FARM Corps in partnership with Arkansas Farm Bureau, Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Arkansas National Guard, and the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs. The Farm and Ranch Mission Corps will connect willing veterans who are struggling with job loss with local farmers and ranchers who are suffering labor shortages caused by COVID-19.
“Food Security is national security, and no two groups understand that better than the farmers who produce our food, and the military members who secure our nation. In this challenging environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers across Arkansas are dealing with a labor shortage, while National Guard and Reserve soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, as well as veterans, in general, are struggling with job loss,” said Crawford. “I’m proud to support FARM Corps in their broad efforts to bring farmers and veterans together with the common mission of securing American agriculture.”
Those who are interested can visit the following social media pages to learn more about this vital program that will ensure Arkansas ag-producers have skilled labor at a time that is critical during this time of planting for this years crop:

Twitter:  @corps_farm
The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused strict travel restrictions at a time when the nation’s Agriculture producers are both planting fall crops and harvesting summer crops. As a result, many farmers are experiencing large labor shortages in areas where they typically use foreign labor through the H2A visa program.