GED Classes Have Moved to Thursdays

North Central Career Center Adult Education’s Fairfield Bay GED and skills classes have changed their schedule. Instead of meeting on Mondays, the class will be meeting on Thursdays. The class began this new schedule on Thursday, December 12, 2013.  The class hours has expanded also. The class will be open from 1:30 to 7:30 pm.

Anyone interested in earning a GED Credential (high school diploma): brushing up on your basic skills in Mathematics, English, and Reading: or improving your Basic Computer skills, is welcome to register for classes. More and more the workplace, training, and college environments are requiring higher level skills of their employees and students. Let us help you improve your skills so that you can be more successful on the job and in furthering your education.

You may register at any time the classroom is open and set your own schedule with the teacher. You will get one-on-one instruction that will assist you in reaching your educational goals. We look forward in working with you.

For more information you may call the main center at 501-745-6554 or call the teacher at 501-592-2782.

NCCC Adult Education has classes in Clinton, Fairfield Bay, Damascus, Leslie,  and St. Joe.