Governor Asa Hutchinson Fully Funds the Succeed Scholarship Program

The Reform Alliance today applauded Governor Asa Hutchinson for fully funding the 2019/2020 school year legislative appropriation for the state’s Succeed Scholarship Program, giving more students an opportunity for academic success.

The Succeed Scholarship Program awards scholarships for public school students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to attend other schools that may offer better educational opportunities. Eligible students may apply for up to $6800 in aid annually.

“A world-class, quality education based on a student’s individual needs shouldn’t be out of the reach of any Arkansas student, and this program provides families with the freedom to choose an educational model that works best for their individual children,” said Valerie Pruitt, Executive Director of The Reform Alliance. “I join hundreds of Arkansas students and their families in thanking Governor Hutchinson for recognizing the benefits of this scholarship program.”

Arkansas students who have been enrolled in public school for at least a year and have an IEP are eligible for a scholarship to one of over three dozen Arkansas private schools. The scholarship helps some of the state’s most vulnerable children find a place to learn and grow academically tailored to their specific educational needs, without regard to income or zip code.

“Every child deserves a quality education, and as a parent, this scholarship program empowered me to find the right school for my son,” said Mia Kamille Foreman of Little Rock, whose son is a scholarship recipient  “The large class sizes at public schools just weren’t working for him. Through the Succeed Scholarship, we found a school with smaller classes and an interventionist to work with him in the areas he needs the most help. My son’s love of learning has returned, and I believe we owe it to all our children to put them on a successful academic path.”

Because of the full funding of the program, this year an estimated 435 Arkansas students will receive a scholarship, an increase of nearly 200 students.

In addition to praising Governor Hutchinson, Pruitt of The Reform Alliance said she appreciated the efforts of all the legislators and education advocates who have worked to make the scholarship program a success.

The Reform Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting educational opportunities for all Arkansas students. For more information email