Guinness World Record Potluck Party

The We Love VBC downtown revitalization initiative is sponsoring this state wide event at the Clinton High School Arena. Admission to SurvivorFest and the Potluck is “one dish” which is defined by Guinness as “large enough to share with at least six other people at the potluck.” A participant in this record attempt is an individual who brings a dish to share AND eats a meal at the event from dishes brought by others. If a family of four only brings one dish, only one person would be counted. We suggest, for example, if you have two children, make two dozen cookies. Divide the 24 cookies into two batches, one for each child to bring. Both batches of cookies and each child would count. Please note that we are very limited on dishes that need to be plugged in to keep them warm or those requiring refrigeration. Please plan accordingly. Any dishes brought that are not in disposable containers are the responsibility of the participant to collect after the event. We would like dishes that meet special dietary needs to be marked accordingly, for example, Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, or dishes that have nuts.

All qualifying participants will receive an arm band when they attend the Potluck. This armband will allow them free access to SurvivorFest which will commence at the Clinton city park immediately following the potluck party.

Intake and Participant recording will begin at 10:30 am. Live entertainment will be performed in the auditorium while we are completing our official count of participants and dishes. You are asked to remain in the building during this time. We will announce our results at noon and the potluck party will begin in the gymnasium immediately after the announcement.
The first annual SurvivorFest will be held in the City Park where there will be games, contests and demonstration booths all related to survival, emergency preparedness and self-sustainability. Both events are open to the public
For more information on SurvivorFest or the Worlds Largest Potluck Party contact: Wendy Russ, 501-253-0019 or Jackie Sikes 501-253-4716. Date has been set for August 23rd.