Heber Springs CRC Seminar September 18th

Tired of interviewing Unqualified Applicants?

“U.S. businesses annually spend $62 billion in formal training alone for employees.”  (approximately $30 billion of that is spent on basic skills education).  Training Magazine, 1999

Just a few reasons why there is a need for a Career Readiness Certificate:

* Increasing needs of the job market
* The gap between the skills of existing workforce and newly created jobs
* The need to assist employers in order to be competitive in a world market
* The need to assist the workforce in finding meaningful employment
* The competitiveness of a state’s economy in attracting new employers

The informal presentation will be on September 18th in the Entergy Room at the ASU-Heber Springs campus beginning at 11:30a.m.

For more information, contact:

Carol Johnson

Arkansas State University-Heber Springs