Hill Campaign Calls Out Elliott on Failure to Pay Taxes: “She Cannot Be Trusted”

In response to the news that State Senator Joyce Elliott resisted paying taxes
owed for more than a decade, Judith Goodson, Chairwoman of the French Hill campaign, issued the following statement:
“Today’s story in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette regarding Joyce Elliott’s nearly $20,000 in tax liens from multiple states is yet another example in a long line of troubling and dishonest behavior from Elliott and her campaign.
“Earlier this month, Elliott omitted required information on her financial disclosures in an effort to deceive voters, and for years, she took thousands in contributions from former lobbyist, now convicted felon, Rusty Cranford, who went to prison for bribing legislators. And when Arkansas media asked, she lied about receiving more.
“Now, Joyce Elliott, despite her penchant for raising taxes on Arkansas families, has shown a consistent pattern of neglect when it comes to paying her own taxes.
“This ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude is just plain wrong. Joyce Elliott has made it crystal clear to Arkansans: she cannot be trusted.”