Hot Springs Artist Richard Stephens Presented a Two-day Watercolor Workshop

Hot Springs artist Richard Stephens presented a two-day watercolor workshop to 15 members of the North Central Arkansas Artist League Aug. 26th and 27th.

Demonstrating his “loose” technique on a still life and a barn landscape, he provided numerous painting tips along the way. He encouraged everyone to draw and plan more, using pencil drawings and value sketches as a foundation for good design in painting. He stated that he rarely spends more than an hour actually applying pigment to the paper, even on his award-winning works.

Stephens holds many awards, most recently an $800 award at the MidSouthern Watercolorists juried show, hanging until Oct. 26th at the Butler Institute in downtown Little Rock. He is featured in several national watercolor magazines and publications, including the June 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist.  He teaches workshops nationally and holds signature status in several organizations.

Local artists attending the workshop included Ruby Krimm, Charlotte Rierson, Jeanne Homuth, Lea Berry, Dorothy Hendrickson, Bonnie Hookman, all of Fairfield Bay; Julie Caswell and Jan Cobb, Edgemont; Sue Pico, Joan Bland, and Diana Foote, all of Clinton; Sandra Marson, Jacksonville; Judy Lebestkey, Lawrence, KS; Judy Shumann, Diamond Bluff; and Joyce Hartmann, Choctaw.