IDrive Arkansas Traffic Camera Feature Terms of Use Promulgated by Arkansas Department of Transportation

In preparation for the much-anticipated rollout of a new Traffic Camera feature on its highly popular traveler information site IDrive Arkansas, the Arkansas Department of Transportation has published Terms of Use that govern use of and interaction with the new feature, according to agency officials.

The Terms of Use document (see attached) also outlines the level of service end-users can expect when using the new Traffic Camera feature. An amendment to the IDrive Arkansas Acceptable Use policy has been made to include the new terms and can be found by clicking the link titled “Acceptable Use” located on the footer of the site. A direct link to the new Terms of Use is also included on the interface for every individual traffic camera.

In development of the new Traffic Camera feature on IDrive Arkansas, the Department has made media access and implementation extremely easy with few, but very firm terms of use. Questions, suggestions and clarifications should be directed to the ArDOT Public Information Office.

Rollout of the Traffic Camera feature is imminent and likely before Friday, September 1, which is just in time for the annual increase in traffic during the Labor Day weekend.