Jennifer Wright RTC in Rose Bud Joins Bob Connell on Timeless 106.1 KFFB’s Open Mic on November 29, 2019

Join Bob Connell for Open Mic on Friday, November 29, 2019 as he’ll be talking with Jennifer Wright with RTC (Recovery Through Christ, A Woman’s Recovery Facility) in Rose Bud, they’ll be discussing the mission of RTC and local fundraisers, that’s Friday at 7:50 am and 5:50 pm on Timeless 106.1 KFFB.

RTC OPEN MIC WITH TIMELESS 106.1 KFFB (L-R) Jennifer Wright, Teresa Chandler, Nicole Proctor and Bob Connell

RTC OPEN MIC WITH TIMELESS 106.1 KFFB (L-R) Jennifer Wright, Teresa Chandler, Nicole Proctor, and Bob Connell

Contact RTC

501-207-2544 or 501-206-9242

About RTC

Recovery Through Christ (RTC) is a one-year faith-based rehabilitation program for women who desire to end the cycle of alcohol and drug addiction.  RTC was founded by Pastor Jeff Chandler and his wife Teresa of St. Mary’s Non-Denominational church in Rosebud, AR, who saw the need for a women’s facility to meet the growing epidemic of drug addiction and the lack of facilities for women.
RTC  is a Christ-centered program that allows women to “sit at the feet of Jesus” in a safe, drug-free (and smoke-free) environment while the Lord transforms their lives.  The program also provides Life Skills classes, along with addiction counseling. The teachers and spiritual counselors are all volunteers who dedicate their time to the success of the program. The House Moms are dedicated, Spirit-filled women who have chosen to devote their lives to helping these women through this very challenging journey of recovery and restoration.
Phase I (first six months) of the program is completely free.  In Phase II (last six months) of the program, we help the ladies find jobs to begin their transition back into society. Those who obtain jobs are encouraged to donate a small amount back into the program each week to assist with the cost of food, utilities, toiletries, fuel, etc.  All other income to the program is strictly donations from the community.
Unlike other programs for women, RTC allows women to bring their children into the house to live with their mother during the course of the program.
The women perform community services and assist non-profit organizations while in the program. They also help with the fundraising activities to raise community awareness of the program and to obtain the much-needed donations to cover the costs associated with housing both them and their children.
RTC currently houses 16 women, plus children, and has a waiting list of many more who are waiting for an open bed to come into the program. Due to the great need to open more beds, RTC has recently secured a second building to open approximately 8 more beds; however, we will need donations of bunk beds, bedding, pots and pans, sectional couch, chairs and additional furnishings for the second location.
 The success of the program has been very encouraging as we witness so many lives (and entire families) become restored and transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.
At RTC we believe in the ability to Recover and Enjoy Life as God intended.