KFFB 106.1 damage during Ice Storm

Thanks to our engineers, tower crew, electricians, and others that worked tirelessly to keep KFFB 106.1 FM on the Air.

KFFB left the air due to a partial collapse of our transmitting tower. The top 100 foot section of the tower broke away due to ice buildup and wind load, taking our transmitting antenna with it.

We are currently on a temporary antenna. We will are working to get new, permanent equipment into place soon. We also lost our brand new generator and had to have a diesel generator in stalled by George McIntosh at 3:00 am in the morning on Tuesday morning the week after the storm. Thanks to all the linemen for their work to restore power to all of North Central Arkansas.

Thanks to all the listeners who’ve called expressing concern over our being off the air. We appreciate each of you and have worked to quickly restore service for you.

Also, a special thanks to Jack Oyler, Matt Monin, George McIntosh Service.com, Doug Hughes Radian Tower, Wesley Wallace of Wallace Tower Service.bob-connell-owner-kffb-jack-oyler-engineer-for-kffb-wesley-wallace-wallace-tower-service-and-matt-monin-engineer-for-kffb

(Right to Left) Bob Connell Owner KFFB, Jack Oyler Engineer for KFFB, Wesley Wallace Wallace Tower Service, and  Matt Monin Engineer for KFFB.