KFFB 106.1 FM live at Triplet Hearing in Heber Springs was a Success

kffb-1061-fm-at-triplet-hearing-center-in-heber-springs-jason-and-fred(Above) KFFB 106.1 FM at Triplet Hearing Center in Heber Springs
Jason and Fred pose for a picture

will-triplet-poses-for-a-picture-check-out-his-hat(Above) Jason and Will Triplet poses for a picture (check out his hat)

bob-connell-and-will-triplet-talk-about-the-open-house(Above) Bob Connell and Will Triplet talk about the open house
folks-come-in-for-the-open-house(Above) Folks come in for the Open House
jennifer-inman-welcomes-you(Above) Jennifer Inman welcomes you
jason-signs-folks-up-for-some-great-prizes(Above) Jason signs folks up for some great prizes
will-poses-with-marilyn-wright-executive-director-of-the-heber-springs-area-chamber-look-at-sugarloaf-mountain-in-the-back-ground(Above) Will poses with Marilyn Wright (Executive Director of the Heber Springs Area Chamber) look at Sugarloaf Mountain in the back ground
lots-of-food(Above) Lots of food
will-triplet-poses-again-with-some-folks(Above) Will Triplet poses again with some folks
sisters-enjoy-the-porch-swing(Above) Sisters enjoy the porch swing
mrs-triplet-signs-folks-up-for-prizes-too(Above) Mrs Triplet signs folks up for prizes too
folks-love-the-feeding-the-fish(Above) Folks love the feeding the fish
folks-enjoy-watching-the-fish-being-feed(Above) Folks enjoy watching the fish being feed
will-triplet-poses-again-with-some-more-folks(Above) Will Triplet poses again with some more folks