KFFB at Golden Living Center on May 12 was a Success

kffb-on-locaton-at-golden-living-center-heber-springs(Above) KFFB on location at Golden Living Center Heber Springs

dale-and-the-girls-from-the-50s(Above) Dale and the Girls from the 50’s

folks-gather-for-fellowship(Above) Folks gather for fellowship

folks-gather-for-food(Above) Folks gather for food

folks-gather-for-fun(Above) Folks Gather for Fun

folks-gather(Above) Folks gather around for the special day

fun-for-all1(Above) Fun for All

hola-holaHula Hoop

hugs-for-everyone(Above) Hugs for everyone

rich-fred-and-allen-take-a-break-for-a-picture(Above) Rich, Fred and Allen take a break for a picture