Dallas’ Ron Chapman fills in for Paul Harvey on KFFB 106.1 FM

There’s nothing quite so comforting as switching your radio to AM and hearing that familiar voice on Paul Harvey‘s News and Comment . But for the last couple of weeks, that familiar voice hasn’t belonged to the 89-year-old Mr. Harvey, but to Dallas radio legend Ron Chapman, who is subbing for him from an ABC satellite studio in North Dallas.

It seems that Ron got a recent call from his friend, Citadel Broadcasting titan Farid Suleman, who asked if the retired DJ would do him a favor. “He asked if I’d try sitting in for a couple of days for Paul Harvey,” says an incredulous and happy Ron. “I’ve studied Paul all my radio life and have patterned many things I do after him. He’s my radio hero. So my answer was ‘What time, where and what do I wear?’ ”

To enable Mr. Harvey to take a little time off, Ron stepped in on March 20. How long will he continue? “I don’t care,” says Ron. “Once in my life I get to say, ‘For Paul Harvey … I’m Ron Chapman.’ “