Legion Riders Monthly Meeting in Cabot

The Legion Riders are having their monthly meeting on January 3rd at 6pm. It is open to all American Legion Members in good standing. If you are interested in joining come by The Post at 600 N Grant Street, Cabot, or call 501-203-5715.

STARS, (Small Town Amateur Radio Service) a ham radio club, holds their monthly meeting with testing available on the second Sunday of each month. January 8th at 1:30pm is the next meeting at 600 N Grant Street, Cabot‬ (Criswell-Robinson American Legion Post 71). For any questions, please contact Scott Berrier at berriersm@gmail.com, or see their Facebook page, #Cabot STARS Club (W5STR).

Sons of American Legion (SAL) will be having their monthly meeting January 10th at 6pm. If you are a son, adopted son, step-son or Grandson of an eligible American Legion Member, you are eligible to join. For more information come by The Post at 600 N Grant Street in Cabot or call 501-203-5715.