Lincoln Visits Clinton on Statewide Rural Health Care Tour

Clinton, Ark. – U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln today visited Clinton on the first stop of her two-week tour across Arkansas to “take the pulse” of health care in our state.
During the Clinton leg of her “CALL TO ACTION: Taking the Pulse of Rural Health Care” tour, Lincoln met with patients, providers, and other health care professionals to discuss the challenges and solutions for delivering and accessing quality and affordable health care.
“Like many Arkansans, I’m troubled by rising health care costs and the barriers many Arkansas families face accessing a quality, affordable health plan,” Lincoln said.  “Nearly half a million Arkansans are uninsured, including 66,000 Arkansas children. The costs in both human and financial terms are felt by everyone.  That’s why I’m traveling the state to hear from my fellow Arkansans and give them a voice in the health care reform debate.  This is one of the most urgent issues facing our nation, and the time for action is now.”
Lincoln has said that Congress must advance meaningful health reform legislation that lowers costs, improves quality, and provides coverage for more Arkansans.
“Our future success lies with making quality and affordable health care accessible to all Arkansans—the insured, the underinsured, and the uninsured,” Lincoln said.  “The health care crisis will only worsen the longer we wait to act.”

Lincoln is a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which serves as center stage of the health care reform debate on Capitol Hill.  The committee is expected to draft health reform legislation later this summer.

While in Clinton, Lincoln was joined by Dr. Terry Sutterfield, CEO of the Boston Mountain Rural Health Center, and Mr. Kirk Reamey, CEO of the Ozark Health Medical Center.