McCauley Services Shares Arkansas’ Scariest Pests Just in Time for Halloween

They’re creepy, they’re crawley and, let’s be honest, some of them are absolutely frightening if you find them in your home. From commonplace pests to exotic critters, McCauley Services is sharing its top list of Arkansas’ scariest pests just in time for Halloween.

“Insects and other pests don’t have to be scary as long as you know what you’re dealing with and you don’t have to deal with them inside your house,” said pest management professional and McCauley Services CEO Justin McCauley. “That said, we definitely have some creepy critters here in Arkansas that should make the hair stand up on the back of anyone’s neck.”

A few of the scariest and more exotic pests found in Arkansas include:

  • THE KISSING BUG: The name may sound more fitting for Valentines than Halloween, but the inch-long Kissing Bug earned that moniker for a tendency to bite people on the face. Those bites can transmit a parasite that causes Chagas disease, an inflammatory disease that causes swelling, headaches, fever and even cardiac or gastrointestinal issues if not treated. 
  • THE GIANT WATER BUG: Imagine a bug that stabs its prey, injects them with a venom that liquifies it from the inside and then sucks everything out. That’s the Giant Water Bug. Oh, and they get up to four inches long and can eat animals 50 times their size, including frogs, lizards and fish. They’re also known to bite toes if they get in the way… or look tasty. 
  • THE STRIPED BARK SCORPION: Scorpions are scary enough, but the Striped Bark Scorpion likes to hide in dark, warm places… you know, like those warm sheets on your bed. Still feeling sleepy? Luckily, their stings are more annoying than deadly, but they’ll sting you again and again and again if you let them.

“Luckily, most Arkansans won’t frequently come across some of the scarier and more exotic pests around the state, even on Halloween,” said Christian Wilcox, pest management professional at McCauley Services. “The bad news is that some of the most common household pests we come across can still be pretty scary all on their own.”

Some of the everyday pests found across Arkansas that certainly should scare you include:

  • SPIDERS: Whether its a Dotted Wolf Spider, Southern Black Widow or a Long-bodied Cellar Spider, coming face to face with any live spider making its home inside of yours is sure to give most people a good fright.
  • COCKROACHES: They may not be deadly, but cockroaches should make you jump if you find them crawling around your kitchen. They carry diseases on their bodies, their feces can make people incredibly ill and they can be very difficult to get rid of without help.
  • RATS: Remember the Black Plague? Rats haven’t gotten much less scary since then. These rodents are famous for spreading disease and ruining homes. What’s worse is that you’ll probably start seeing the damage and/or droppings long before you see the creepy little pest itself.

Scary or not, many common pests spread deadly diseases and germs to humans. They can also destroy property, incurring costly damage. Whether through regular home inspections or protecting your business, the pest control professionals at McCauley Services are there to help protect communities from dangers associated with pests. For pest-proofing tips and information on pest control, visit:

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