Monstropocalypse Opus Iv Reading, Signing Set In Conway

Mark Spitzer, University of Central Arkansas professor, acclaimed writer and alligator gar conservationist, will read from his newest work, Monstropocalypse Opus IV, on Thursday, Nov. 8, at the Faulkner County Library.

The 7 p.m. reading, to be followed by a book signing, is free and open to the public.   Monstropocalypse Opus IV is set in post-apocalyptic America with a cast of diverse characters. Some embody everything that is right with our species while some remind us all too well that we as humans have a lot to learn. Full of monsters, mutants and an all-seeing alien, Spitzer’s book takes us on an action-packed ride down the Mississippi with a lovable teenage hero.

Spitzer said when he set out to write a book for a younger audience, “I asked myself WWMFYOSWR? (what would my 14-year-old-self want to read?) I was sort of surprised, however, to see that my 46-year-old self had snuck some subtle subtexts in regarding politics, religion, oppression, etc. But whatever the case, I had fun.”

The Midwest Book Review called Spitzer’s work “hilarious and highly entertaining.” He is the author of 18 books, including Bottom Feeder, Chum and Seasons of the Gar. He is the editor in chief of the Toad Suck Review and operates the small press Shakespeare and Company, Toad Suck, established in 2011. Spitzer is also an avid fisherman and can be seen on the Alligator Gar episode of the Animal Planet series River Monsters.

The Faulkner County Library is located at 1900 Tyler Street, Conway. Call 501-327-7482 for more information.