Nursing Graduates Honored at Ozarka

Nursing Graduates Honored at Ozarka

Melbourne – Practical Nursing graduates at Ozarka College were honored at a Recognition Ceremony in the John E. Miller Education Complex on May 5, 2009.

Students completing their studies in practical nursing were Charlotte Billingsley of Melbourne; Kristina Coleman of Brockwell; Logan Coles of Strawberry; Bridgett Farris of Melbourne; Kayla Foster of Norfork; Waid Holowell of Mount Pleasant; Jack Huffmaster of Hardy; Casey Inman of Ash Flat; Jean Ann Jackson of Franklin; Leilani Jackson of Melbourne; Misty Jackson of Calico Rock; Amanda Lester of Cherokee Village; Corey Masson of Melbourne; Barbara Nieland of Mammoth Spring; Felissa Ranew of Violet Hill; Robyn Sanders of Salem; Adrienne Taylor of Violet Hill; Chelsea Tyson of Mammoth Spring; Hailey Williams of Pineville; and Stacy Woody of Glencoe.

After Ozarka College interim President, Tina Wheelis welcomed guests attending the ceremony; and class member, Jack Huffmaster offered the Invocation; Allied Health Division Chair and instructor, Ruby Johnson opened the ceremony.

Awards and honors were presented by Waid Holowell, Jack Huffmaster, Leilani Jackson, and nursing faculty. This semester’s Florence Nightingale Award went to Bridgett Farris. This award is given to a student each year who exemplifies the true meaning of nursing with hard work and a true dedication to the profession.

Bridgett Farris won first place, and Jean Ann Jackson won second place in theory. Waid Hollowell won first place in clinical; and there was a tie for second place between Corey Masson and Kristina Coleman. Students awarded Blair Atchison as nurse of the year, and Fulton County Hospital as the facility of the year.

A slide presentation was given courtesy of Nursing Secretary, Stacy Dale and the Information Systems Department, and then family honors were offered by the entire class of students to their family members. Nursing faculty, Ruby Johnson, Valerie West, Katie Wilson, and Susan Thielemier presented graduates with caps, pins and lamps. Johnson then offered closing remarks and Darren Ranew offered the Benediction.

This group of students, along with the all of Ozarka’s faculty, staff, and administration was saddened by the tragic loss of one of their classmates on April 26, 2009. Corey Masson had completed his coursework and was set to graduate this semester. His lamp, nursing bible, and pin were accepted by his wife, Rhiannon Masson, LPN, and his mother, Ruthie Sheffield, RN.

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