Ozark Folk Center Announces Awards!

2008 Ozark Folk Center Awards

We are extremely proud of this year’s recipients, and they are as follows:

Linda Avey – As the 2008 Ozark Folk Center Volunteers of the Year for her willingness and eagerness to work in any facility at the park at any time she is needed.   She has demonstrated a genuine love of the Ozark Folk Center and is distinguished by her positive attitude and the superior quality of her work.

Jeanette Larson – As the recipient of the 2008 Ozark Folk Center Spirit Award recognizing her extraordinary enthusiasm in promoting the park and all its facilities, for providing amazing service to our customers on a consistent basis, and for always being available to help her fellow employees.

Steve Folkers – As the 2008 Ozark Folk Center Crafts Person of the Year for his deep and genuine concern with the success of the Ozark Folk Center Cooper Shop, for his consistently high work standard, willingness to help in many different areas, for exceptional communication skills and for his extreme dedication to the Ozark Folk Center mission.

Malcolm Sumrall – As the recipient of the 2008 Ozark Folk Center Hospitality/Service Award for the outstanding and dedicated manner in which he performed all his duties and added responsibilities throughout the park and for his consistently positive and receptive attitude toward the Ozark Folk Center guests and its employees.

Joe Jewell – As the 2008 Ozark Folk Center Musician of the Year for his unique way of connecting with the audience using an assortment of instruments, working with many young performers, dancers, square dance caller and creating a genuine desire to experience music as it was performed many years ago.  His exceptional musicality matches the era the Ozark Folk Center represent, without added modern musical nuances or clichés.


Iona Barham  – Special Commendation for her exemplary leadership in operating the Cabins at Dry Creek where she is always willing to make sure our guest are taken care of, accommodating all request when possible and providing one of the most restful and peaceful environment for guests to relax. She is also recognized for her willingness to help other facilities and is always representing the Ozark Folk Center in a professional manner.