Ozark Folk Center Radio Program Receives Arkansas Country Music Award

Mountain View, Ark. – Ozark Highlands Radio, the Ozark Folk Center State Park’s public radio program, received the award for “Podcast of the Year” last Monday night during the Arkansas Country Music Awards’ virtual event.

The radio program, which is in its fifth season, features local folk singers from the Mountain View area and musicians from across the country, including Marty Stuart, The Seldom Scene, Taj Mahal, and others. During each episode host Dave Smith from Fox, Arkansas pays tribute to Ozark musicians and luminaries of the past with Mark Jones, son of the late Grandpa Jones, during a segment called “From the Vault”. Reportedly, the two record the segment from inside a vault located underneath the auditorium stage where the Center’s oldest live recordings are kept.

“We’re thrilled to receive the award,” said Daren Dortin, Executive Producer for Ozark Highlands Radio. “Jeff Glover deserves a lot of the credit for the excellent work he’s done producing the radio program… It’s been exciting to watch the program grow and succeed in the world of podcasting this past year, and Jeff played a big role in that.”

Dortin, who also serves as the Music Director at the Ozark Folk Center, accepted the award for “Venue of the Year” on behalf of the state park in 2018 at the Arkansas CMA’s first award show.

Ozark Highlands Radio is carried on Timeless 106.1 KFFB and 150 public radio stations across 32 states. All five seasons can be streamed for free online on Google Play, Apple podcasts, and SoundCloud apps. To find a radio station that carries OHR near you, visit OzarkHighlandsRadio.com.

Ozark Highlands Radio is produced by Jeff Glover. Executive Producer is Daren Dortin. Additional support for the program comes from Arkansas State Parks, a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, & Tourism, the Committee of One Hundred for the Ozark Folk Center, and Stone Bank.

Ozark Highlands Radio “Podcast of the Year”

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