Ozarka College confers degrees

Ozarka College conferred associate degrees,technical certificates and certificates of proficiency during the Spring 2012Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 17. Students eligible to participatewere those who had completed programs in December 2011, May 2012 or who plan tocomplete during the Summer 2012 terms.

Of those whograduated, 46 earned magna cum laude honors and 47 earned cum laude honors. Studentswith a 3.75 or higher grade point average earned magna cum laude and those whoearned at least a 3.5 grade point average earned cum laude.

There were also 39Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society graduates. The PTK Honor Society is recognized bythe American Association of Community Colleges as the official honor society oftwo-year colleges.

Dr. Ed. Franklin,Executive Director of the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges, was thecommencement ceremony’s guest speaker.

Izard Countygraduates include: Kaylee Ables of Melbourne (magna cum laude), Derek Baird ofMelbourne, Brandon Ballard of Melbourne (cum laude), Jody Boles of HorseshoeBend (cum laude), Meredith Cole of Franklin (magna cum laude), Blake Conyers ofMount Pleasant (cum laude), Cheyenne Diaz of Calico Rock (cum laude), JodiEngelhardt of Melbourne (cum laude), Samantha Goodson of Mount Pleasant, TannerHoskinds of Melbourne (cum laude), Nikita Hutchins of Mount Pleasant, JosephKruis of Melbourne (magna cum laude), Brandi Moser of Horseshoe Bend, JacobMoss of Calico Rock, Dakota Searcy of Violet Hill, Chad Selby of Melbourne,Amanda Treat of Melbourne (magna cum laude), Tyler Wallis of Franklin (magnacum laude), Meagan Whitehurst of Melbourne, Sian Wilkins of Horseshoe Bend (cumlaude), Jody Boles of Horseshoe Bend (cum laude), Christopher Coleman ofBrockwell, Chasity Farris of Mount Pleasant, Joni Knapp of Melbourne, KrystalRamsey of Melbourne, Kelly Phelps of Horseshoe Bend, Lisa Schreiner of Sage(magna cum laude), Wendy Causey of Melbourne, Trixy Dean of Melbourne (magnacum laude), Timothy Guenther of Melbourne, Rosa Stubblefield of Brockwell,Samantha Price of Sage, Michael Worch of Melbourne, Pamela Morris of Oxford,Talisha Sharp of Melbourne, Nicole Tate of Melbourne, Casey Townsend of CalicoRock (magna cum laude), Jackie Womack of Melbourne, Jessie Hicks of Dolph,Kathryn Reeves of Franklin (magna cum laude), Teresa Reeves-Little of HorseshoeBend (magna cum laude), Angela Sanders of Dolph (magna cum laude), KristinaColeman of Brockwell, Christina Delargy of Wiseman (magna cum laude), LindseyFaulkner of Melbourne (cum laude), Shandle Hacker of Sage (cum laude), MistyPhipps of Wiseman (cum laude), Patricia Smith of Melbourne, Chalene Stapleton ofWideman, Brenton Tyson of Melbourne (magna cum laude), Eve Banning of Melbourne(magna cum laude), Amber Lunsford of Melbourne, Shonda Trewyn of Melbourne(magna cum laude), Wendy Causey of Melbourne, Sylvia Arrington of HorseshoeBend, Stephanie Baker of Mount Pleasant, Wacey Bales of Melbourne, TracieBarnes of Melbourne, Sharon Bennett of Wiseman, Megan Cannon of Sage, BrittanyClinton of Melbourne, Bobbi Cooper of Melbourne, Emma Cooper of Melbourne,Jessica Crotwell of Melbourne, Amanda Edwards of Melbourne, Regina Engles ofMelbourne, Katie Fears of Oxford, Philisha Fountain of Wiseman, Liana Greenwayof Violet Hill, Jordan Hooper of Mount Pleasant, Jodi Hoyt of Melbourne, AshtinMcCurley of Mount Pleasant, Sharalee Newman of Oxford, Ashley Peek of Melbourne,Phillip Qualls of Melbourne, Desiree Rivera of Horseshoe Bend, Debra Shelton ofHorseshoe Bend, Jackie Sisk of Melbourne, Ronicia Smith of Melbourne, LeannHall of Oxford, Natasha King of Melbourne, Megan Parish of Sage, Rebecca Camposof Horseshoe Bend, Brad Crawford of Pineville, Jesse McMahill of Pineville,Adrienne Taylor of Violet Hill, Christy Price of Calico Rock, Timothy Overby ofMelbourne, Kelly Phelps of Horseshoe Bend, Larry Smith of Franklin, Kary Fosterof Calico Rock, Jennifer Campbell of Melbourne, Wendy Coggins of HorseshoeBend, Quentin Cohoon of Melbourne, Tiffany Colbert of Dolph, Sara Lawrence ofMelbourne, Wilma Parker of Oxford, Sarah Price of Melbourne, Stacy Reed ofMelbourne, Elizabeth Taylor of Melbourne, Hannah Teague of Calico Rock.

Summer graduatesfrom Izard County include: Kristin Montgomery of Melbourne, Wesley Sylar ofBrockwell, Alicia Kelly of Melbourne, Mary Gore of Melbourne, Haley McCandlisof Oxford, Kendra Rains of Horseshoe Bend, Nikita Hutchins of Mount Pleasant,Autumn Wagoner of Sage, Jesse Cole of Oxford, Christine Fears of Oxford, BettieVillneff of Oxford.

Sharp Countygraduates include: Shyronn Crider of Hardy (cum laude), Charles Foster of AshFlat, Cid Herlein of Cherokee Village, Rachel Horton of Ash Flat (cum laude),William Lamb of Cherokee Village (cum laude), Rhonda Lazzaretto of Williford(cum laude), Corey Mann of Evening Shade (magna cum laude), Courtney Moffett ofAsh Flat, Aaron Nyitrai of Ash Flat (cum laude), Jayson Ozbun of Hardy, SarahRapert of Ash Flat (cum laude), Tiffany Redwine of Ash Flat, Patrick Roberto ofCherokee Village (magna cum laude), Joshua Sawyer of Cherokee Village, TammyTwomey of Cherokee Village, Alexandra Whitten of Ash Flat (cum laude), SophiaWillcockson of Hardy, William Wright of Ash Flat, Dana Collins of Hardy,Kristyna Harmon of Cherokee Village (cum laude), Rebecca Hill of Hardy, PixieCrider of Hardy (magna cum laude), Edith Elliott of Hardy (magna cum laude),Christina Falk of Cherokee Village, Paige Huskey of Evening Shade (cum laude),Charla Medley of Cave City, Suzanna Smith of Hardy, Patrisha Coughlin ofCherokee Village (cum laude), Brian Smidt of Cherokee Village, Paige Huskey ofEvening Shade (cum laude), Larry Casey of Ash Flat, Linda Landers of Ash Flat(cum laude), Tiffany Dienst of Hardy, Darlisa Long of Hardy (cum laude), AmyBillingsley of Ash Flat, Terry Blackburn of Cherokee Village, Lindy Brindley ofCherokee Village (magna cum laude), Ilene Curtis of Cave City, Paula Frederickof Hardy, Racheal Johnson of Evening Shade (cum laude), Amanda Lester of AshFlat, Kelly Morgan of Hardy, Amy Tracy of Evening Shade, Whitney Wakeham ofCherokee Village (magna cum laude), Aaron Wayman of Cherokee Village (cumlaude), Lisa Winter of Hardy (cum laude), Murphy Williams of Ash Flat, SophiaWillcockson of Hardy, Tara Wise of Cherokee Village, Paige Huskey of EveningShade, Edith Elliott of Hardy, Pixie Crider of Hardy, Heidi Barnett of Hardy,Stacey Burton of Hardy, Whitney Dickerson of Cherokee Village, Elyssa Farr ofAsh Flat, Jody Harper of Hardy, Nathan Hill of Ash Flat, Heather Hollensteinerof Cherokee Village, Samanthia Johnson of Hardy, Madge McComas of CherokeeVillage, Daniel Smith of Williford, Natasha Sutton of Cherokee Village, LeahSwann of Hardy, Tara Barnett of Cave City, Jennifer Hill of Cherokee Village,Melissa Richey of Ash Flat, Ron Fedor of Ash Flat, Darlisa Long of Hardy, JimmyClouse of Hardy, Adem Askew of Cherokee Village, Shana Brink of Hardy, TracyBurns of Cave City, Alicia Clay of Poughkeepsie, Crystal Conner of Cave City,Crystal Cox of Ash Flat, Jeremy Cox of Ash Flat, Frances Mobley ofPoughkeepsie, Lisa Nunnally of Evening Shade, Angela Sorg of Cherokee Village,Brandy Stigall of Cave City.

Summer graduatesfor Sharp County include: Heather Jansen of Cherokee Village, PatriciaPatterson of Williford, Roger Savell of Cherokee Village, Samantha Sheets ofHardy, Jessica Prescott of Hardy (magna cum laude), Melissa Richey of Ash Flat,Nicole Amaya of Hardy, Kimberly Boggs of Hardy, Amanda Bates of CherokeeVillage, Tracy Bolt of Ash Flat, Gina Croslin of Cave City, Lisa Qualls of AshFlat, Willow Rega of Cherokee Village, Aileen Williams of Evening Shade,Rhiannon Hoggard of Cave City.

Stone Countygraduates include: Rebecca Morrison of Mountain View, Dona Sawyer of MountainView (magna cum laude), Sarah Alexander of Mountain View, Jesse Brandon,Stephanie Cahill of Mountain View, Joel Cotrell of Mountain View, Bobby Day ofMountain View, Jennifer Gonzalez of Timbo, Lachelle Green of Mountain View (cumlaude), Marsha Guc of Mountain View (cum laude), Luke McMahan of Mountain View(cum laude), Whitney Mandoza of Mountain View (magna cum laude), Anna Micklerof Mountain View (magna cum laude), Andrew Passmore of Fifty Six (cum laude),Laken Powell of Mountain View (cum laude), Allene Rackley of Mountain View (cumlaude), Willie Smith of Mountain View, Charlene Steiger of Onia (cum laude),Holly Thompson of Mountain View, Sarah Alexander of Mountain View, VictoriaCartwright of Mountain View (magna cum laude), Jenny Davis of Mountain View,Amanda Garman of Mountain View (magna cum laude), Rachael Gosser of MountainView (magna cum laude), Angelique Gray of Mountain View (magna cum laude),Kelly McClung of Mountain View (cum laude), Allene Rackley of Mountain Vice(cum laude), Destiny Seaton of Fox (magna cum laude), Kaitlin Terry of MountainView, Jerry Whitaker of Mountain View (magna cum laude), Kayla Crymes ofMountain View, Samantha McNealy of Mountain View, Kayla Graham of Fifty Six(magna cum laude), Amber Avey of Mountain View, Rochelle Frasier of MountainView, Rhonda Martin of Mountain View, Ryan McMahan of Mountain View, CaritaBaird of Mountain View (cum laude), Mary Burns of Mountain View, Timothy Hallof Mountain View, Patricia Koenders of Mountain View ,Cathy McCarn of MountainView (magna cum laude), Vicky Payne of Mountain View(magna cum laude), WelseyCampbell of Timbo, Julie Eddings of Timbo (cum laude), Shawn Strutton of Timbo,Bobby Day of Mountain View, Ann Cartwright of Fifty Six, Samantha McNealy ofMountain View, Amber Branscum of Mountain View, Brittany Barham of Onia,William Brewer of Mountain View, Kaidee Cruce of Fifty Six, Lilly Dearien ofMountain View, Karissa Harris of Mountain View, Marissa Richardson of MountainView, Austin Wilkie of Mountain View, Terry Rutledge of Mountain View, NathanWare of Mountain View, Dona Sawyer of Mountain View, Kayla Crymes of MountainView, Frances Engle of Mountain View, Shannon Jacobes of Mountain View,Patricia Koenders of Mountain View, April Johnson of Mountain View ShannonJacobes of Mountain View.

Stone Countysummer graduates include: Patrick Ward of Mountain View (magna cum laude),Taylor Attaway of Mountain View (cum laude), Brittany Berry of Fox, Jessie Hillof Mountain View, Jennifer Canard of Mountain View, Dora Freeman of Onia,Rosemary Geisser of Fox, Samantha Grimmett of Mountain View, Robin Lawrence ofMountain View, Amanda Moon of Mountain View, Shannon Jones of Shirley, MarkPenter of Shirley, Christina Raker of Timbo, Chasity Reamon of Fox, KaraTibbitts of Mountain View, Seneca Wilson of Mountain View, Kimberly Fossler ofMercella, Amanda Van Dyke of Mammoth Spring.

Fulton Countygraduates include: Tiffany Bowles of Salem, Brandon Franks of Salem, KellieMcCullough of Salem (cum laude), Jonathan Reed of Mammoth Spring (magna cumlaude), Margaret Reed of Mammoth Spring (magna cum laude), Johnny Sartin ofSalem (magna cum laude), DeEdra Steed of Salem (magna cum laude), AnthonyStillwell of Salem (magna cum laude), Sarah Alexander of Mammoth Spring, AmyPainter of Salem, Sheena Sartin of Salem, Thomas Musgrove of Salem, ChristopherSims of Salem, Barbara Nieland of Mammoth Spring, Esther Anderson of Salem(magna cum laude), Ronnie Andrews of Mammoth Spring (cum laude), Stacy Layne ofSalem (cum laude), Charity Schaufler of Salem (magna cum laude), MargaretWhittle of Salem (cum laude), Jonathan Reed of Mammoth Spring (magna cumlaude), Brenda Angotti of Mammoth Spring, Heather Bennett of Salem, Molly Coxof Mammoth Spring, Ahlora Huckabee of Mammoth Spring, Jessiva Jones of MammothSpring, Samantha Kelley of Mammoth Spring, Steven Kelley of Mammoth Spring,Stephanie Marquardt of Mammoth Spring, Brandi Miller of Mammoth Spring, AmyPerkins of Salem, Brooke Quade of Mammoth Spring, Emily Ragsdale of MammothSpring, Jodi Vanoven of Glencoe, Dianna Young of Mammoth Spring, HeatherBennett of Salem, Shannon Keas of Salem, Angela Gillaspie of Viola, CrystalGoodson of Salem, Samantha Kelley of Mammoth Spring, Steven Kelley of MammothSpring, Esther Anderson of Salem, Sabrina Martin of Salem, Andrea Pate ofSalem, Sarah Sexton of Salem.

Summer graduatesof Fulton County include: Veronica King of Salem (magna cum laude), HeathFrealy of Mammoth Spring, Elizabeth McCollum of Salem, Megan Earls of MammothSpring, Sarah Keen of Salem, Jamie McLaughlin of Mammoth Spring, Dana Nicolasof Salem, Amber Vanderburg of Mammoth Spring,

Graduates fromother counties include: Christopher Ferguson of Danville, Peter Harness of Leslie,Christina Hussung of Cabot, Josephe Quarzenski of Edgemont, Karen Ring ofEdgemont (cum laude), Lisa Smith of Dalzell (magna cum laude), Lynette Stone ofLouisville (cum laude), Heather Vaile of San Angelo, Jessica Marks ofStrawberry (cum laude), Alan Jackson of Batesville, Alice Farr of Lawrenceville(magna cum laude), Susan Richard of Smithville, Debra Samples of Van BurenCounty, Gregory Simpson of Bono (magna cum laude), Barbara Koone of Shirley(cum laude), Angela Chastain of Imboden, Vickie Harley of Batesville, ChadHunter of Charlotte, Ann Lance of Mountain Home, Annette Maier of Norfork,Sherry Marcum of Mountain Home (cum laude), Tina Robertson of Thayer, DawnWilliams of Gainesville, Brandy Shell of Lakeview (cum laude), Christina Thompsonof Fayetteville (cum laude), Susan Richard of Smithville, James Suchland ofMarshall (magna cum laude), Stephanie Bryant of Henderson, Heather Collins ofRavenden (magna cum laude), Samantha Hargus of Thayer, Elizabeth Sharp ofThayer, Ashley Sullins of Thayer, Kaitlyn Thomas of Thayer, Kenneth Thompson ofThayer, Lisa Manuel of Norfork, Kimberly Sutterfield of Shirley, Kiri Bartlettof Clinton, Chris Province of Fairfield Bay, Felicia Walsh of Bay.

Summer graduatesfrom other counties include: James Suchland of Marshall (magna cum laude),Sandra Cypret of Thayer, Steffen Ary of Koshkonog, Karen Patterson of Leslie,Cynthia Dowell of Clinton, Brittany Ellis of Edgemont, Elisa Neave of FairfieldBay, Angela Passmore of Clinton, Johnny Ring of Edgemont, Bambi Turner of Prim,Lacey Turner of Prim, Amanda Voegeli of Thayer.