Project Future Story Mock Interview in Southside

With a mission of supporting every student as their Future Story evolves, on December 

7th, Southside Charter High School will host a day dedicated to inspiring and building 

confidence as seniors prepare for their next steps. 

The day will consist of mock interviews for the 125 seniors enrolled in courses like Jobs 

for America’s Graduates (JAG) class, sponsored by Arkansas Department of Career Education. Over 60 business and industry partners will be at the school to interview seniors for potential 

jobs with their business. 

“We are working hard to prepare our students for the workforce. Our goal is not to send 

students out of here and be an average teenager,” states JAG Instructor, Jason Weaver. “We 

expect to raise the bar in our local workforce with graduates prepared to join the workplace.” 

Southside Charter High School Principal Jimmy Hodges has listened closely to recent 

graduates and current employers. Hodges states, “The goal of this instructional unit is for 

students to know what to expect in the future as they apply and interview for jobs after high 


In addition to the mock interview process, the Southside Charter High School 

sophomores and juniors will have the opportunity to listen to Future Story Speakers from around the state of Arkansas. The guest speakers include Mr.Rusty Karschner, Mr.Aaron Moody, 

Mr.Brody Clark, Mrs.Jamie Rayford, Ms.Hunter Jenkins and Ms.Sydney Sweat. 

The events for the day will begin at 8:30 a.m and conclude at 11 a.m. 

For more information on Project Future Story or the Southside School District, please contact 

Superintendent Dion Stevens (870-251-2341).