Pryor Announces Committee Assignments for the 111th Congress

Pryor Announces Committee Assignments for the 111th Congress

Senator Selected for Prestigious Appropriations Committee

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator Mark Pryor today said his committee assignments for the 111th Congress will allow him multiple avenues to benefit Arkansas, including a new assignment to the prestigious Senate Appropriations Committee. In addition, Pryor will continue to serve on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee; Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee; Rules and Administration Committee; and the Select Committee on Ethics.

“In the past, my committee assignments have allowed me multiple avenues to benefit Arkansas, whether it was supporting our state military installations, keeping our kids safe or providing new opportunities for economic development throughout the state. This new assignment on the Senate Appropriations Committee will allow me to advance this agenda a step further,” Pryor said. “I look forward to a very productive and busy session.”

Pryor said he is honored to serve on the Senate Appropriations Committee, a committee that will allow him more of a hand in prioritizing how taxpayer dollars are spent. The Committee is tasked with drafting legislation to allocate all of the Federal government’s discretionary spending. Various subcommittees are responsible for reviewing the President’s budget request, hearing testimony from government officials, and drafting the spending plans for the coming fiscal year. Their work is passed on to the full Senate Appropriations Committee, which may review and modify the bills and forward them to the full Senate for consideration.

“With our economy in the tank and the federal deficit soaring, it’s critically important to allocate dollars where they can be most effective,” Pryor said. “I look forward to working constructively with members of the committee, Republicans and Democrats alike, to get individual spending bills completed in a fair, responsible and efficient manner.”

Pryor said he enjoyed serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee and remains concerned about the military readiness and morale that the current wars are placing on our troops. However, he believes he can continue to support our troops, their families and Arkansas’ military installations when crafting key military spending bills that will come through the Appropriations Committee.

Pryor will continue to serve on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, which include jurisdiction over interstate commerce, transportation, consumer protection, technology and research and development. He has used these committees in the past to overhaul product safety laws, promote broadband expansion, strengthen small business start-up and assistance programs, advance content filtering technology, improve fuel economy standards and curb identity theft. He plans to build on these initiatives and create new opportunities for economic growth.

“Businesses – small and large alike – are struggling with the challenges of today’s economy while also looking to compete globally in the future. Both the Commerce and Small Business committees provide the pipeline to their success while also protecting consumers’ interests,” Pryor said.

Pryor will also continue his work on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where he has concentrated on ensuring officials at all levels of government and private companies are working together in times of need. He will continue to improve our nation’s homeland security efforts while increasing oversight on government spending and productivity.

“I believe we can make government work more efficiently and effectively for the people it serves. This includes ensuring agencies have strong leadership and the necessary resources to keep our homeland safe, including the rural parts of our country. The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will be a primary partner to bring about this change.”

Pryor will continue to serve on the Senate Ethics Committee and the Committee on Rules and Administration, which provides oversight of the Senate rules and regulations.