Pryor: Postal Service Announcement is Victory for Arkansas Says Ending Saturday Mail Delivery Would Have Negatively Impacted Arkansas Rural Communities

After U.S. Senator Mark Pryor grilled Postmaster General Patrick Donahue during a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) hearing in February, the U.S. Postal Service today withdrew its plan to end Saturday mail delivery.

“I’m pleased to see the U.S. Postal Service has taken my advice and withdrawn its plan to end Saturday mail delivery,” Pryor said. “Instead of cutting mail services for rural communities and seniors, the USPS should consider eliminating costly conferences in San Francisco and cutting executive bonuses. I hope we can now get back to work on a common-sense reform bill that keeps the USPS viable.”

In February, the USPS announced plans to transition to a new five-day mail delivery schedule. During a HSGAC hearing, Pryor questioned whether the USPS had authority to enact this plan without authorization from Congress. According to Pryor, the proposal failed to comply with the existing requirement that requires the USPS to continue six-day delivery and rural delivery mail services at no less than the 1983 levels.