Reynolds: Lincoln is out of touch ‘Clearly, bipartisanship means only agreeing with beltway liberals in Sen. Lincoln’s world’

CONWAY – Republican United States Senate candidate Col. Conrad Reynolds (U.S. Army, Ret.) today issued the following statement after today’s vote by Sen. Blanche Lincoln against a Republican effort to guarantee that Americans would be able to keep their current health care coverage:

“Sen. Lincoln is simply out of touch with the people of Arkansas. Just last week she attacked Republicans for not offering solutions. Today, she sided with President Obama and DC Democrats to reject a Republican plan which would protect millions of seniors from losing their current coverage. Clearly, bipartisanship means only agreeing with beltway liberals in Sen. Lincoln’s world.

Arkansans need a senator who will restore their voice, because it is clear that she doesn’t hear us.”

Sen. Lincoln attacks Republicans for not offering solutions
“As to the opposition some Republicans have to the proposal, Lincoln said, ‘I have not seen them offer a solution as to how do we solved this problem.’ Speaking to her Republican and Democrat colleagues she said, ‘I want to remind them that we are not hear to create a work of art, but we are here to create a work in progress.’”
(“Sen. Lincoln Offers Limited Praise for the Baucus Senate Health Care Bill,” The Tolbert Report,, 09/17/2009)

Republican amendment would protect satisfied seniors, fails on party-line vote
“… an amendment, proposed by Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, that would block the health care bill from taking effect if one million Americans would end up with reduced health benefits – reflecting the Republicans’ concerns about cuts to privately run Medicare Advantage plans … Mr. Hatch challenged the Democrats to back his amendment, saying it was simply a test of Mr. Obama’s promise that Americans could keep the health insurance they have now if they like it.”
(“Private Medicare Plans Are at Center of Senate Finance Fight,” Prescriptions Blog,, 09/24/09)