Senator John Boozman visits veteran-run Farms in next ‘Good Roots’ segment on Arkansas PBS

 As Arkansas veterans return home and decide what to do in the next phases of their lives, many are interested in farming. “Good Roots” joins Sen. John Boozman’s annual agricultural tour to visit veteran-run farms in the latest episode airing during “Arkansas Week” Friday, Sept. 10, at 7:30 p.m. on Arkansas PBS and live streaming at

How does a veteran get an agricultural operation started? Segment host Logan Duvall explores this question as he and Boozman visit veteran-run farms, including The Farm at Barefoot Bend in Lonsdale, Arkansas.

“Good Roots,” produced in partnership with Arkansas Farm Bureau, seeks to shine a light on Arkansas’s rich rural culture and communities. Segments focus on the real stories of rural life while addressing relevant topics like agriculture, health care, the economy, technology, policy, and more. The segment airs the second Friday of each month during “Arkansas Week.” Additional information is available at

Segments and bonus footage of “Good Roots” are also featured on all Arkansas PBS digital platforms, including YouTubeFacebook, the Engage Arkansas PBS app, and the PBS Video app. A blog series accompanies the segments at

Major funding for “Good Roots” is provided by Arkansas Farm Bureau.

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