Pryor Applauds Corps Decision to Waive Fees at Recreation Sites Decision in Response to Senator’s Inquiry

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator Mark Pryor today applauded a decision by the United States Army Corps of Engineers to waive day use fees collected at boat launches and swimming beach facilities nationwide from August 1-9, 2009. In a letter to the Corps last month, Pryor asked the Corps to consider waiving such fees at local parks, lakes and other facilities so families can enjoy an inexpensive day-trip or weekend this summer, despite tough economic times.

“Waiving these fees at Corps facilities allows families an enjoyable and affordable day outdoors, which they may not otherwise experience during tough economic times. It’s also a win-win for surrounding businesses, local economies and it reinforces the importance of investing in our natural resources,” Pryor said. “I appreciate the receptiveness of the Corps, as well as the hard work they undertake on a day-to-day basis to maintain over 2,400 recreation sites. I hope Arkansans will take advantage of this opportunity to spend a day at the lake, beach or park.”