Senator Pryor talks about State of the Union on Open Mic

Senator Pryor’s Response to the President’s State of the Union

The anxiety about the state of the union is palpable in Arkansas and around the nation. Unemployment is up, economic security is down; Wall Street is back up, Main Street remains down; and national security concerns abound. And as these challenges mount, our nation sees its leaders in Washington stuck in partisan gridlock. It’s time to work together – advancing the best ideas President Obama offered tonight as well as the best initiatives put forth from other Democrats and Republicans.

Restoring stability and confidence starts with a focused strategy to bolster our economy through private-sector job creation.  We must also advance solutions to create economic security for middle-class families, support our troops, reign in spending, and improve education and health care opportunities. I stand ready to work with the White House and my colleagues to deliver results that will put our nation on a more secure path for the future.