September Craft Classes at the Arkansas Craft School

Cooler days up ahead!  Now that the kids are back in school, perhaps you have the time to indulge in a class at the Arkansas Craft School, in Mountain View.

September 8 & 9, Garvin Gardens’ Bob Byers will present Ukrainian Easter Egg painting – Pysanky – which is one of the oldest documented art forms in the world. The process is simple; batik with beeswax and dyes on an eggshell.  But, the results are fascinating and can be stunningly beautiful.  The artistic possibilities are endless and some techniques are adaptable to pottery and other substrates.  The thrill of removing the wax and revealing the hidden designs underneath is hard to replicate and every egg will surprise and delight you.  Supplies are inexpensive and most artists create their art on the dining room table, so it’s a perfect family activity.  Tuition for the two day class is $100.00 

How much do you love your horse?  Learn to weave traditional mohair cinches for that favorite steed on September 14 – 16.  If horses could talk, they would tell you why mohair makes them so happy.  Besides being strong and dirt resistant, mohair wicks off moisture and, when properly fitted, will not chafe or pinch.  The longer a horse wears a mohair cinch, the better it feels, because over time, the back felts to a soft, smooth finish.  Instructor Pop Wagner, besides being a master of the art of cinch weaving, has quite the reputation as a singer, picker, fiddler, lasso twirler, cowboy poet and downright funny guy.  He appeared frequently on Public Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion during the show’s formative years and for the last four decades he has worked his cowboy magic throughout 44 states and ten countries.  Tuition for the three-day class is $250.00.

September 20 – 23, knitter Juliann King will be teaching ‘Socks as Art’.  This is a class about knitting socks.  Not just any socks, but expressive socks that are zany, wildly colorful, glorious, and full of character and personality.  Color is one of our most powerful means of communication, and in this class, students will explore the kinds of feelings perhaps best expressed through vivid color combinations – such as fiery energy, comfort, confusion, or clarity – and knit those colors into a pair of socks.  The cherished tradition of sock knitting will become infused with new life and energy.  Students should be advanced beginner-in other words, must know basic knit and purl stitches and how to do a long-tailed cast-on.  Tuition for the four-day class is $200.00. 

September 27 – 29, Phil Wiles will be teaching turners the mysteries behind ‘Segmented Woodturning’.  This class is currently full, but call if you would like your name placed on the waiting list.

Finishing out the month of September, Eleanor Lux will be offering ‘Leaping into Bead Sculpture’ on September 28 – 30. Using primarily seed beads, and learning peyote and right angle techniques, class participants will learn proper methods in order to be able to increase, decrease, add on, shape, cover and manipulate.  While creating, there will be discussion on color, contrast, texture anddesign.  The result will be a small sculpture, and the ability to continue to create with beads.  Tuition for the three-day class is $150.00.

Community craft classes will begin again starting in mid-October.  Dates and class offerings will be announced soon!

 Visit the Arkansas Craft School’s website, for more information on these and other upcoming classes, as well as registration forms and scholarship applications.  The Arkansas Craft School, located in Mountain View, Arkansas is dedicated to the education of aspiring and practicing craft artisans for success in the Creative Economy.  The Craft School partners with Ozarka College which offers Continuing Education credits for all of its courses.  Support for the Arkansas Craft School is provided, in part, by the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and the National Endowment of the Arts.