State Releases Five-Year Report on Arkansas’ Computer Science Initiative

Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Arkansas Department of Education’s Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 Computer Science Initiative report “Cracking the Code: How Arkansas Became a National Leader in Computer Science & Computing.”
Since 2015, Arkansas has been leading the nation in computer science education. This report dives into the major accomplishments of the last five years and future plans.
“This report highlights how my office, educational and other governmental state agencies, schools, teachers, industry partners, and many others across the state have come together to place Arkansas as a national leader in computer science,” Hutchinson said. “What Arkansas has been able to accomplish over the past five years is amazing, and I am excited to read it in print; however, I am equally excited to see that this report starts to address what must come next.”
The report, created in a manner that is friendly and fun to read, outlines how Arkansas laid the foundation for success and how it has built a stable and nationally-acclaimed initiative on that foundation.
The report is available on the ADE website at Additional information about the Arkansas Computer Science Initiative can be found at