Students Learnabout Medical Field on National Doctor’s Day

Pediatrician Mark Gustke, M.D., with Searcy MedicalCenter, visited Ms. Linda Bivens 1stgrade class at LibertyChristian Schoolin celebration of National Doctor’s Day. Dr. Gustke talked to the studentsabout how doctors enjoy caring for people and helping them feel better.

Pictured with Dr. Gustke are students(front) Lily Hendrix, Matylyn Lincolnand Audra Donnell; and (back)Dayton Lynch, Jackson Delk, Walker Woodson and J.T. Simmons.

Dr. Gustke said he is a child atheart, which makes it easy for him to connect with children and talk to them ontheir level. “In working with young patients, I get the opportunity to educateand positively influence them in hopes that they will make wise and healthydecisions.”

Doctor’s Day originated in 1933 whena physician’s wife set aside a day to celebrate the contributions her husband,and all doctors, made to medicine. It wasn’t until Congress passed legislationin 1990, which was signed by President George H.W. Bush, that March 30 wasdeclared as National Doctor’s Day.