The Other Side Ministry Shares Immediate Needs Following a Fire

The Other Side Ministry has shared their immediate needs list following a structural fire:

Immediate Needs
Heavy work gloves
Safety glasses
Scoop shovels
Steel-toed boots (Sizes 9, 10, 11, 12)
Sandblaster – 10 to 12 pounds
Bottled Water
16 foot trailer

Someone has donated an RV Carport – we need help with moving it, materials to enclose it and help enclosing it.

The RV Carport will be a temporary shop. Items we lost in the fire that we will need after the temporary shop is completed:

Skil Saw
Jig Saw

Saws All
Air Gouger
Concrete Saw
Tool belts
Framing hammers; hammers
Air compressor
Socket Sets – 1/2”, 3/8” & ¼” drive sets
Floor jacks
Tool box
Battery charger
Arc Welder
Cutting Torch
Scroll Saw
Mig Welder
Air Compressor tools – driver set, air ratchets (someone has already donates nail guns), impact wrench
Air hoses
10-W-30 oil
2 cycle oil
Miter Saw
Hand Saws
4-5 rakes
Weed-eater (2-3)
Back Pack Leaf blowers (2-3)
Riding Lawn Mowers
Lopers, Hedge trimmers,
Gas Cans
Sledge Hammer
Pry Bars
Rubber Mallets
Transmission Jack
Screw Driver Sets
Electric Jack Hammer
Allen Wrench Set
Nut Driver Set
Tape Measures
Cherry Picker

Items that we lost in our concession stand/new gym include:
Metal folding chairs
Bunn Coffee Makers (2-3 burner) & Coffee Pots
Crock pots (2-3 – we had one that was a 3-container crock pot)
Altar & Pulpit
Sound System
Large Roaster Oven
Electric griddle
6 ft.Tables (we lost around 30 tables)
1 Full-sized popcorn machines
Stand up Coca Cola Cooler Box
We had rubber floor covering for the gym floor but are not sure we will need when rebuild