The Vicksburg District Recognizes August as Anti-Terrorism Month

The Army’s senior leadership has proclaimed August
2012 as the Army’s Antiterrorism (AT) Awareness Month. This is of special
significance as we approach the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist
attacks on New York City and the Pentagon. The yearly training each Corps of
Engineers employee receives enhances our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family
Members’ understanding of the nature of terrorism and the potential for
retaliatory terrorist attacks on army installations, stand-alone facilities
and units is critical to our defense.

By embedding anti-terrorism principles and concepts throughout our plans and
programs, we protect the Vicksburg District’s critical resources from acts
of terrorism.  By understanding the indicators of potential terrorist
activities and reporting suspicious behavior to local law enforcement, our
community members serve as “sensors”.

The Vicksburg District workforce strongly believes that ensuring protection
from terrorist acts is only successful by integrating AT principles with
constant AT awareness into all of our activities and missions. Consequently,
we encourage all of you to be ever vigilant.


Mission success depends on our people, training and equipment, bonded
together by solid leadership and teamwork.