Two Face Additional Charges Involving Child Sexual Assault

A Jessieville man and woman recently arrested in Hot Springs, Arkansas for child pornography now face additional charges involving multiple counts of child sexual assault. 

Phillip S. Medly of Jessieville, Arkansas has been charged by Marcus Vaden, Twentieth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, with thirteen counts of Rape, a Class Y Felony, and one Count of Attempted Rape, a Class A Felony, involving female children between five to ten years of age.

Vaden also charged Bonnie L. Moore, also of Jessieville, with three counts of Rape and six counts of Permitting Abuse of a child, a Class B Felony.

Hot Springs Police arrested the pair Monday on charges involving child pornography.  Agents with the Arkansas State Police and the Searcy County Sheriff’s Office were brought in to assist.  During the course of the investigation, officers were able to identify some of the minor children in the pictures and determined that the sexual acts shown in the pictures were committed while the couple lived in Searcy County prior to moving to Hot Springs.

“It is clear from the investigation so far that Mr. Medly is a sexual predator and a danger to the public.  He and Ms. Moore are extremely depraved individuals.  Our goal in this prosecution is to ensure that they never have the opportunity to hurt another child”, Vaden said.

The investigation is ongoing and involves multiple victims.  Vaden said additional charges were possible.