U.S. Senators Tom Cotton, Cruz, Gallagher Urge Bill Passage After Reports of Hezbollah in Golan

Washington, D.C. — Following news reports that Hezbollah has established military positions in the Golan Heights, U.S. Senators Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas), along with Representative Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin), released the following statement:

“Iran and Hezbollah have deployed fighters and terrorists, including those with American blood on their hands, to deepen their hold over the region. This aggression highlights the need for the United States to affirm Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Hezbollah’s missile arsenal and terror tunnels pose severe threats to the State of Israel. To support Israel’s right to self-defense, both houses of Congress should take up our legislation establishing that it shall be the policy of the United States to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan.”