UCA Community School of Music Sets Free Demonstration Classes at UCA Downtown

The University of Central Arkansas Community School of Music will hold an evening of free music demonstration classes Tuesday, Sept. 20 at UCA Downtown, 1105 Oak St.

Classes are open to the public, and no registration is necessary.

The classes include the following:

Alexander Technique, 5 p.m. — Musicians, actors and dancers perform complex tasks under demanding circumstances. The Alexander Technique is a teaching method that helps students meet those demands and is a reliable way to reduce unnecessary tension and the associated effects of nervousness or pain. The instructor, Cliff Hicks, who is specially trained in the Alexander Technique, will assist students in restoring their sense of original support, upright balance and coordination as they engage in the activities of living. People in every profession have used this technique to prevent or recover from injury, end tension headaches, overcome repetitive strain and treat a range of disparate problems. Keeping a set of guiding principles in mind as students work can promote endurance and help them access new reserves of power and expression. For performing artists, the Alexander Technique is a means to finding inner balance so that the performance can flow without effort. Class is open to all ages.

Little Mozart Pre-Piano Class, 6 p.m. — An introduction to the keyboard and an excellent program to determine readiness for piano lessons for children in grades K-2. Instructed by Terrie Shires.

Musical Theatre Workshop, 6:30 p.m. — Come ready to work on the unique skills required of actors when they are performing in Music Theatre. Students will sing, act and dance, so they should bring their music, energy and enthusiasm. Class is open to all ages. Instructed by Ruthann Curry Browne.

Rhythmic Extravaganza, 7 p.m. — This class, for students in grades 6-12, will focus on the study of the various aspects of rhythm using a combination of junk percussion (buckets, trash cans, etc.), body percussion (clapping, stomping, beat-boxing) and actual percussion instruments (shakers, drums, cowbells) to emulate world rhythms and create a variety of group-wide “grooves.” Not only will the students develop sensitivity to time and beat and learn different types of rhythms, they will also develop skills essential to an ensemble member such as following directions, cooperating and listening critically in a musical setting. Instructed by Marianna Aun.

For additional information contact the CSM office at 501-450-3672 or 501-852-1212.

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