Van Buren County residents now have The Code Red Alert weather service

Van Buren County residents now have a new ally waiting to provide them with valuable information. The Code Red Alert weather service may even save your life. When severe weather comes near; be it thunderstorm, tornado, or flood, Code Red is here to notify you through a phone call, email, or text message.

It is an easy process online, simply click on the link to be taken to the Enrollment page, fill in your information (address, phone, etc.) and the next time the weather turns nasty, Code Red will tell you in advance. You may also visit  or:

If you do not have access to the internet, a brief phone call to the 911 Coordinator’s Office at (501) 745-3911, is all it takes. If no one is available at the time of your call, please leave a message including your Name, Phone Number you want to receive the notifications, and Address .

Code Red is free to you and all your information remains confidential, will not be sold, and is only utilized for the purpose of notifying you through the Code Red system.  The alert call is sent by the number 1-800-566-9780.

So, know when severe weather approaches your area, sign up for Code Red today!

A few years ago, when the weather turned bad, you could look out the window or turn on the television if it was clear enough and find out if there were incoming tornadoes, thunderstorm, or even potential flooding. And what if you were not at home or the television goes out?

Well, just as the television weather reports when a severe weather alert is issued by the National Weather Service, what if you were notified before or at the same time as they are?

This is the service that Code Red provides. As soon as the National Weather Service issues a weather advisory, Code Red’s database checks for all addresses within the affected area and sends out a phone, email, or text message to all residents within that area who are enrolled.

Without enrollment, you will not receive the message, and neither Code Red nor your local officials will enroll you without your request. But with such a simple and convenient option, why not enroll? If it’s a question of time, it only takes about five minutes.  If it’s a question of privacy, Code Red guarantees confidentiality and will never sell your information. And if it’s a question of money, you can enroll in Code Red at no charge to you, since it is a County-provided service.

To enroll click the link on this page, or visit, or call the Van Buren County 911 Coordinator’s Office at 501-745-3911.

No one can change or stop the weather from coming or going where it will, but at least with Code Red you can know it is coming and take action to prepare.

Code Red is a county-wide service and it costs nothing to sign up. Whenever the National Weather Service issues an alert, Code Red calls or texts your phone(s) so that you are notified severe weather is predicted for your area.

We’ve had our share of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms; wouldn’t it be nice to be notified before the next one occurs? Unlike the internet or television, Code Red isn’t disrupted by power outages.  Code Red calls your land-line phone and can text and call your cell phone. By using the website you can even choose to be notified through your email account.

All it takes to sign up is your name, physical address, and the phone number you want Code Red to call. You can click the Code Red link on this page, go to and click the link there, or call the Van Buren County 911 Coordinator’s Office at 501-745-3911.

The Code Red database is strictly confidential and neither they nor any County official will ever sell your information or release it. Your information is used only for the Code Red alert message and you will not receive contact from Code Red for any other purpose.