WCMC Announces Associate of the fourth quarter of 2011

White CountyMedical Centerassociates have selected Human Resources Assistant Shelley Rayburn as theAssociate of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2011. WCMC administrative representatives recently surprised Rayburn with the announcement, along with flowers and gifts.

White County Medical Center President CEO Ray Montgomery presents Human Resources Assistant Shelley Rayburn with the news of her selection as the WCMC Associate of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2011

 Rayburn joined White CountyMedical Centerin August 2009. “In a timewhen so many people are out of work, I am grateful not only to have a job, buta job that I really enjoy and where I get to work with a great group ofpeople,” Rayburn said. “To be told that what I do is appreciated isa great feeling.”

 Attributes of the Associate of theQuarter include high values, a positive attitude and sense of professionalism.Rayburn reflects the core values of the hospital:  integrity, teamwork,compassion, excellence, stewardship, innovation and servanthood.

 The following comments were made byfellow associates who nominated her:

        Shelley is always very pleasant onthe phone and in person.

        She is always positive about her joband her attitude is always upbeat and positive.

        She is very reliable, she always hasher work done and is willing to help everyone else.

        She is consistent, trustworthy andcompassionate.

        She is very company oriented. Shemakes sure all paperwork is complete and is always willing to help otherassociates.

        When a new associate comes in, Shelley ensures that they understand everything. She goes above and beyond herjob duty to make sure everyone is taken care of.

        She is very dedicated and alwayspositive about My Hospital.

        She is very motivational with theassociates; she is always smiling and very pleasant.

        Shelley gets along well witheveryone; she is a great co-worker and team player.