What Have You Done For Your Heart Lately?

The Impact of Tobacco, Obesity and Chronic Disease

(LITTLE ROCK–) Hometown Health Improvement coalition members, community health advocates, public health workers, community members and others will gather to discuss  “Building Healthy Hearts: The Impact of Tobacco, Obesity and Chronic Disease on Friday, October 17, 2008 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in the Campus Center of the Pulaski Technical College of North Little Rock. The keynote speaker is Dr. Stan Glantz, PhD, Professor, Division of Cardiology, College of Medicine, University of California-San Francisco.

In 1985 Dr. Glantz was the Associate Producer of a film titled, “Secondhand Smoke,” released by Pyramid Film and Video, Santa Monica, CA. (This film has won the following awards: First prize, Health and Safety category, National Educational Film Association, 1986; Gold Camera Award, Employee Relations Category, US Industrial Film Festival, 1986; Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival, 1986; Golden Eagle, CINE, 1986).Seventh World Conference on Tobacco or Health, 1990 (keynote speaker, workshop leader, session chair, abstract)

Dr. Glantz’s current research efforts include animal studies of the effects of passive smoking on the heart, with the goal of determining the mechanisms by which secondhand smoke increase the risk of heart disease and worsens myocardial infarction; economic impacts of smoking and smoking regulations, especially on employers and the public sector; and activities of the tobacco industry to prevent the spread of nonsmokers’ rights and strategies to deal with the industry.

Other topics and speakers include childhood obesity, Dr. James Raczynski, PhD, Dean of the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; nutrition, Kellie Turpin of Conway Regional Medical Fitness Center; heart, Barbara Kumpe of the American Heart Association, and physical fitness, Jackie Clinton of the Magness Creek Marothoners of Cabot.

This is the fourth annual wellness conference sponsored by Hometown Health Improvement in the Central Public Health Region of the Arkansas Department of Health. Persons interested in attending should call (501) 280-4950.