The Dude Ranch Customer Appreciation with Tuff Hedeman and KFFB

(Above) KFFB on Location at the Dude Ranch in Mountain View on June 19

(Above) Tuff Hedeman and Bob Connell compare childhood memories, Bob asked Tuff if he ever road a pig when he was a kid like he (Bob) did, Tuff said no but he eat alot of pork!

(Above) Bob interviews a lot of future Bull riders

(Above) Folks Show up Hours Before Tuff

(Above) Lots of Boots

(Above) Lots of Fellowship

(Above) Lots of folks check out the new stock at The Dude Ranch

(Above) Tuff Greets folks

(Above) Bob Talks about Barrel racers and Cowboy Churches with two gals that barrel race and go to Cowboy Church.

(Above) Folks Turn out

(Above) Popcorn is a Favorite