Bad Boy Mowers Open House was a Success

(Above) KFFB on Location at Bad Boy Mowers(ABOVE) David Brogdon with Bad Boy Mowers and Bob Connell with KFFB 106.1 Talk about the Open House and Factory Sale(Above) John 3 16 serves the community(ABOVE) Alanna Pulley and Landon McSpadden The Next Drivers of Bad Boy MTV's(ABOVE) Alanna Pulley Enjoys … [Read more...]

KFFB’s Open Mic Talks about Summer Bash in Concord Tonight

KFFB's open mic's Bob Connell talks with Sandy Brackett with Concord Schools and Tag Green is the spokesperson for the “Pearson City Limits” band. The Discuss Summer Bash with proceeds going toward completion of the new ball fields.  Title: 2010 “Summer Bash” Concord August 21 Location: Concord … [Read more...]

Dairy Queen Brazier Miracle Day in Batesville was a Success

(Above) KFFB on location at Dairy Queen's Miracle Day in Batesville(Above) Benjy Kuonen with the DQ Corporation and Bob Connell talk about the big day(Above) Heather Zimmerman with Arkansas Childrens Hosptial and Bob Connell talk about the Miracles at Childrens(Above) Betty Arnold the first Blizzard … [Read more...]

Jewelers Touch Diamond Dig was a Success

Jewelers Touch Diamond Dig was a Success on July 10, KFFB 106.1 did a live broadcast from 10a to 2 pm.(Above) Rich, Allen, Jay (Jewelers Touch) and Fred take time out for a Picture(Above) The Staff of Jewelers Touch(Above) Folks Line up early before the 10am Diamond Dig(Above) Folks enjoy the Petit … [Read more...]

KFFB 106.1 at Payton Chevrolet for the 4th of July Celebration

(Above) KFFB 106.1 on Location at Payton Chevrolet(Above) Angela and Shawn working on a great deals(Above) Apple Pie is a Favorite(Above) Folks drive in on Trikes for the fun(Above) Folks sign up for the Baseball Tickets(Above) Good Fellowship(Above) Lots of goodies(Above) Justin Payton shows the … [Read more...]

The Dude Ranch Customer Appreciation with Tuff Hedeman and KFFB

(Above) KFFB on Location at the Dude Ranch in Mountain View on June 19 (Above) Tuff Hedeman and Bob Connell compare childhood memories, Bob asked Tuff if he ever road a pig when he was a kid like he (Bob) did, Tuff said no but he eat alot of pork! (Above) Bob interviews a lot of future Bull … [Read more...]

Payton Chevy live Broadcast was a Success on May 22

(Above) Bob Connell, Sheriff Marty Moss and Louis Short of the Suntimes talk about the new program (Above) Expired Drugs  are taken up (Above) Old drugs are taking up at Payton Chevrolet   … [Read more...]

KFFB 106.1’s Election Coverage Begins tonight at 7:06 pm

The public is invited to tune in to KFFB 106.1 F.M. tonight, for coverage of the 2010 primary general election.  Bob Connell, station owner and general manager, will co-anchor the election broadcast along with Fred Herman beginning at 7:06 p.m. Correspondents will be stationed at courthouses in … [Read more...]

Open Mic with David A. Lipschitz, MD, Ph.D he talks about new book

David A. Lipschitz, MD, Ph.D is among the most renowned geriatricians in the world  talks with Bob Connell General Manager of KFFB 106.1 on Open Mic about his new book More (not less). With decades of clinical experience and scientific research, Dr. David is committed to helping adults of all … [Read more...]

Ed Haas Talks about WRAAA on KFFB’s Open Mic

Open Mic Sponsored By:Nestlehut Insurance Services number 1-888-891-3155Ed Haas Executive Director of the White River Area Agency on Aging talks about the White River Area Agency on Aging on day number 4 with KFFB 106.1’s Bob Connell on Open Mic. For more information on White River Area on Aging … [Read more...]