Jewelers Touch Diamond Dig was a Success

Jewelers Touch Diamond Dig was a Success on July 10, KFFB 106.1 did a live broadcast from 10a to 2 pm.
(Above) Rich, Allen, Jay (Jewelers Touch) and Fred take time out for a Picture
(Above) The Staff of Jewelers Touch
(Above) Folks Line up early before the 10am Diamond Dig
(Above) Folks enjoy the Petit Jean Hot Dogs and Pepsi
(Above) Folks look for great deals thourgh out the store
(Above) Folks came as far as Little Rock to Dig for The Diamond Dig
(Above) Its for the whole family
(Above) Heber Springs Butterfly Carriage
(Above) It’s a Diamond!!!
(Above) Paula, Brian, Destiny, Bly, and Gavin Fortich are the First Winners of a Diamond
(Above) Jay checks all the stone to see if it’s a Diamond
(Above) Time for Bob Connell to try to find a Diamond
(Above) Louis Short from the Suntimes tries his hand at the Diamond  Dig
(Above) More Folks have Jay check their Stones
(Above) Great Food and fun for all
(Above) Jewel found a Diamond a few years back and tries again this year
(Above) Lots of great Stones but no Diamond
(Above) Everyone tries to find the next Diamond
(Above) She said she has done this before
(Above) These folks came from Pangburn