Zogby Interactive: Voters Say Obama’s Deliberation on Afghan Troop levels Show Weakness

UTICA, New York – A Zogby Interactive poll of nearly 2,300 likely voters conducted from Nov. 4-6 found a plurality (48%) saying President Obama’s deliberations on whether to increase Afghan troop levels showed weakness on his part, rather than strength.

The survey also showed 73% both saying the war in Afghanistan is important to U.S. security and that the current Afghan government is not a reliable partner. The margin of error is +/-2.1%, and higher for subgroups.

Respondents were offered two statements about Obama’s decision-making on increasing troops in Afghanistan. One said that Obama was showing strength by deliberating, gathering information from field commanders and assessing the political situation after the Afghan elections. The other said that delaying showed weakness since field commanders have made clear they need more troops and the Afghan political situation is already known.  Here are the results of that question, with breakdowns by party affiliation and ideology.

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