Ayn Rand Center: So Much for the Will of the People

WASHINGTON–“Many of the opponents of ObamaCare objected to it on the grounds that it didn’t reflect the ‘will of the people’–as if the biggest problem with herding doctors and patients into a government health care system was that too few Americans supported the herding,” writes Don Watkins, analyst with the Ayn Rand Center.

“Well, wouldn’t you know it: In the wake of ObamaCare’s passage, some polls have shown that more Americans favor than oppose the law.

“Whatever the accuracy of the poll, trying to defend health care freedom on the grounds of public opinion is to place health care freedom on a foundation of shifting sand. As the founders warned us, the majority can be as great a threat to individual rights as a minority; Patrick Henry didn’t say, ‘Give me liberty . . . so long as 51 percent of Americans approve.’

“We at the Ayn Rand Center, on the other hand, continue to oppose ObamaCare on the grounds that it is a rights-violating, immoral monstrosity.”