Ayn Rand Center: Cancel Earth Day, Stop Green Guilt

ASHINGTON--“We are told that Earth Day is about enjoying nature, anticipating exciting green technologies, and promoting human health,” writes Alex Epstein, fellow with the Ayn Rand Center. “It isn’t. It is about guilt for the very thing that makes enjoyment, technology, and health possible--our … [Read more...]

Ayn Rand Center: So Much for the Will of the People

WASHINGTON--“Many of the opponents of ObamaCare objected to it on the grounds that it didn’t reflect the ‘will of the people’--as if the biggest problem with herding doctors and patients into a government health care system was that too few Americans supported the herding,” writes Don Watkins, … [Read more...]

The Lullaby of Broadband

WASHINGTON--“In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, the CEOs of both Google and Verizon have endorsed that portion of the FCC’s new National Broadband Plan that calls for ‘making high-speed Internet connections available to all Americans,’ writes  Tom Bowden, analyst with the Ayn Rand Center. “Oh, and by … [Read more...]

The Sordid Path to ObamaCare analyst with the Ayn Rand Center

WASHINGTON--“A recent WSJ article provides a stomach-turning play-by-play of the Democrats’ health care coup,” writes Don Watkins, an analyst with the Ayn Rand Center: It was dirty deals, open threats, broken promises and disregard for democracy that pulled ObamaCare to this point, and yesterday … [Read more...]

Nancy Pelosi vs. the Founding Fathers

WASHINGTON--“According to Nancy Pelosi, the House’s passage of the new health care bill is utterly in keeping with the founding principles of this country,” writes Alex Epstein, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Center “In passing ObamaCare, she said, ‘We will honor the vows of our founders, who in the … [Read more...]

“Just Can’t Wait” to Wreck Health Care

WASHINGTON--“The White house says we ‘just can’t wait’ for its government solution to our health care problems,” writes Alex Epstein, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Center. “But today’s health-care problems were created by yesterday’s government ‘solutions.’ “Since the 1940s, on the idea that health … [Read more...]

ObamaCare’s Assault on Individual Rights

WASHINGTON--“We’re told that ObamaCare aims to make health care more affordable to more people, but in fact it threatens the rights of everyone involved in health care--doctors, patients, and health insurers--and thus the future of the industry,” writes Tom Bowden, analyst at the Ayn Rand … [Read more...]

You Are Not Your Brother’s Health Care Provider

WASHINGTON--“Americans are understandably disgusted by all the shenanigans going on in the halls of Congress, as Senator Pelosi races to pass ObamaCare by any means possible,” writes Don Watkins, an analyst with the Ayn Rand Center. “But if you want to know why ObamaCare supporters hardly blush at … [Read more...]

Why Don’t We Celebrate Presidents’ Day Anymore?

WASHINGTON--On Monday, February 15, most Americans will not celebrate Presidents’ Day--nor even notice it. What was once a proud celebration of America’s first president is now barely recognized as a holiday at all.  “The fact that George Washington’s birthday was established as a federal holiday … [Read more...]

Don’t Confuse Political Profiteers with Producers

WASHINGTON--“President Obama is pushing Congress to enact his Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee, a bank tax that will fall on institutions that never asked for TARP money, never took TARP money, or already paid back TARP money,” write Don Watkins and Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Center.  “In … [Read more...]